Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Day...

Today was my first day of school… 

Graduate School…

To answer the questions that you may have wanted to ask… or maybe not… here we go:

  • No, I did not take a first day of school picture. I really wanted to, but since the kids down the street didn’t – I figured I probably shouldn’t either.

  • I did choose a back to school outfit. It was hip but not unprofessional. Yes, I was aiming for “hip.” What is that you say? Students don’t use the word “hip” anymore? Dang it.

  • I made it to class on time. They actually provided a continental breakfast before class. More of an incentive to get people there early? It worked

  • I did not take too many notes. It was general school orientation stuff and I felt much of it was straight forward. The guy sitting next to me, however, must have been worried about a pop quiz at the end of the session. Somehow I don’t think it was beneficial to write “dog died is not an acceptable excuse” and “there are 28 people in the RN bridge program.” Perhaps it had something to do with his head shake (which was quite distracting may I add.) Rapidly shaking your head every 2-3 minutes make people start to worry about you. I know we need men in nursing… but this guy probably won’t give the profession a good name.

  • I learned that I need to follow the Honor Code. If I don’t, I may need to go into the witness protection program. (Or at least make sure I sit in dark rooms at all times with may face hardly visible. The voice changer would be cool too.) See video below.

  • I also learned that if I have  a Mac computer – which I don’t – I can install windows. Yes I can do it several different ways. No, it will not make my Mac turn into a PC. Yes, I can either select which OS I want at start up, or have windows open in a window on the Mac screen. No, it is not too hard to download the programs. Yes, If I have both OS then I can choose which Microsoft Office I want. People were very worried about this.

Finally, I survived. Until tomorrow… 

(yay! I really am excited about school)

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