Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Computer, I am sorry for clicking too many things faster than you can open them. 

Computer, I wish you could keep up with my fast paced brain. 

Brain, slow down so I can make sense of what you are telling me.

H & R Block… I despise you with a passion. After our mother-son fiasco last year, I WOULD NOT book a meeting with your representative, don’t fool yourself. If only there had been a live person on the other end of the line telling me that I missed our tax meeting, oh that would have been glorious. 

HH Gregg… Sorry I keep confusing you for H & R Block. 

Entenmann’s, why do you make such good rich frosted donuts that I spoil my meal.

I hate thinking about the weather… 

Maybe people would have a better mentality of the week if they just called the weekend a “weekbeginning.”

On second thought, a “weekbeginning” sounds like a “weak beginning”, and that’s not the way you want to start the week. 

What constitutes a “lawn and garden battery?” Everything I can think of that needs to have power outside gets plugged in. Oh.. now I get it. For lawn mowers. Why can't they just call it a "lawn mower battery"?

I wish I could work out while I was sleeping. It would be like autopilot and I wouldn’t have to endure the feeling of suffocation or that I would fall over.

I do enjoy book on cd – the best way to sit in traffic. 

Remind me to never learn Swedish, those words are hard to pronounce. 

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