Monday, January 3, 2011

the iPhone has a mind of its own...

I don’t know why I thought I was the only one that had issues with “autocorrect.”

Autocorrect, a feature found on my iPhone (as well as many smart phones), was created to correct misspelled words on messaging applications. Awesome, right?

On a good day.

On the iPhone, autocorrect not only plays the part as spell check, but attempts to play mind reader as well. With only two letters typed, my iPhone will sometimes pose a proposed suggestion of what I am attempting to verbalize to my companion on the other side of the conversation. If I am not paying attention and press the “space” button, it just adds its glorious suggestion to my conversation.

Example… (from my phone)

Sometimes Mr. autocorrect is right… Two nights ago I typed “Stah” and it gave me “Stahlman” (a unit that I work in.) After many times writing this word, the program has added it to my phones internal dictionary. I get it.

But other times… the phone has just gone mad…

Okay, let me rephrase. It depends what type of mood my phone is in… and I am not kidding.

Sometimes, like the other night, it was coming up with words such as “snail” and “slug” for a simple word as “smile.” Initially it suggested “snail.” I’ll give it that… those two words could be considered similar. I erased it and attempted to type again. This time the autocorrect suggested “slug.” Exasperated, I gave up. I am pretty sure I have never EVER typed “snail” or “slug” into my iPhone. Perhaps types of gastropods were my phone’s words of the day. Not sure.

Other times my phone takes a slightly more sinister tone. Although I have not captured these moments on pictures, I have been mortified at the selections that my phone has made for common place conversations. My phone especially likes to control conversations that I have with my friend K… there has been many a time where I have had to apologize for my phone. Haha.

Where am I going with this? Well there is a wonderful site where people send screen shots of some pretty awesome conversations that autocorrect has taken control of. How awesome? I can only take reading this website in small increments as usually I am out of breath and seeing stars from laughing entirely toooo much.

Although the website’s name can catch you by surprise… it’s d** (you can click this link to reach the website)… you will find only hilarious (ok and maybe sometimes vulgar) examples of autocorrect at its best.

Here are a few of my favs…. Enjoy!

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