Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Those" habits....

Everyone has habits. It’s the things that you find yourself doing day in and day out. Some people brush their teeth three times a day and some walk their dogs. (I would encourage you to walk your dogs if you have them… that’s a good habit.) Some organize their closet by color and season (OCD are we?) and some have to make sure their food doesn’t touch.

And then there are THOSE habits. It’s the ones that you don’t realize you are doing and may or may not be socially acceptable or welcomed by others. It could be picking your nails… (or unfortunately your nose.) It could be rewriting a complete paper because one word didn’t meet your standards, or it could be drinking from the faucet. We all have them. It’s what makes us “unique” and helps us get through our day to day routine. (Or that is what I tell myself to make it okay – sometimes my OCD habits get a tad bit extreme.)

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you must have noticed that occasionally I use this site as a type of “confessional,” airing those “unique” things about myself. I do this for many reasons: self-acceptance, help others realize they are not alone, or when something happens and they become darn right funny. Well, I believe this confession falls under the later.

I am a faucet drinker.

After you stop cringing, keep reading. I don’t do it in public. That is just plain gross. (Although sometimes I believe perhaps public faucets might be cleaner than the ones at our house.) I *usually* only do it to rinse out my mouth after I have brushed my teeth. However, *occasionally* I do it when I am exercising upstairs and get thirsty. My mouth NEVER touches the actual faucet. I picked it up from a family member at a very young age. My husband thinks it is extremely gross.

Why do I do it? I strongly believe that I am saving the environment by not having to use plastic/paper disposable cups or wasting extra water by cleaning non disposable ones. Saving the environment one step at a time I say! ....  Just playing ...  I lied. Sorry about that. The truth of the matter is, I picked it up from family and it became a habit… and I am slightly lazy. Okay pretty lazy. (I am confessing things left and right tonight!)

I must share, that recently I have run into a BIG, ANNOYING problem. I took a picture of it so you could view first hand of the major inconvenience I am experiencing.

Don’t correct your computer screens ladies and gents… my faucet is shooting water SIDEWAYS! (Not the whole stream, mind you. Just enough to pester anyone that wanted to use it in a non-traditional fashion.)

 I have no idea why this happened… or how I can fix it. After brushing my teeth, I have come out looking like I decided to wash my hair or that I have been crying. I also hate getting water up my nose – and that happens at least two times a week. I know it is only shooting water out ONE side… but I only drink from one side and that is the left. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right if I drink the water from the other side. There are two sinks in our bathroom, and only mine has decided to work against its owner.

 Maybe this is an intervention.  Maybe I am being taped for a hidden camera show. Well you know what, faucet… I am extremely stubborn. Have I changed my habit of my water drinking ways? No.

Like I said before, habits make us “unique” and help us get through our day to day routine, so I don’t see mine changing any time soon. Anyone with me? Anyone...? (Note: If you have a dangerous habit, then that’s an entirely different story.)

(P.S. Does anyone know why my faucet is doing this and how we can fix it?)

(P.S.S. Dear faucet, I started using the other sink because I hate you and your sideways water shooting ways. Love always, me. – don’t tell J. Thanks.)


Crissy said...

Haha! I just laughed out loud! Great post, I look forward to following you, I found you on 20 something bloggers :)

Rachel said...

That's so funny! I have done that a time or two myself, but idk if I could take it with that jet of water spraying! I'm a new follower & can't wait to read more of your stuff :)