Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Beach is Calling Me...

If you play the video and close your eyes… you can practically hear the beach!!

Not sure why there was this many seagulls in Nashville, Tennessee in the middle of January, don’t they have some where warmer to be? 

I guess perhaps it’s snowing throughout the whole country… or maybe summer is coming. I’ll take the latter. Yay summer!

Stay warm on this snowy night!

(PS These videos and pics were taken just a few days ago. We were on our way home and I saw the hundreds of seagulls from the highway. Because this isn't even a common occurrence in the summer time we just had to go look.)

1 comment:

Crissy said...

The beach is ALWAYS calling me! <3 the video because I love the sounds of the beach! Happy Friday :)