Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well it’s cold outside.

Really… really cold outside.

Cold enough that I am seriously considering hibernating until the temperature comes above 50 degrees. (Good thing I live in Tennessee, because here you can never count on the weather to stay the same for very long. Turns out on Christmas Eve it will be above 50. Yay for a quick hibernation!)

In the spirit of warmer weather to come… (I can always be optimistic!) I’ll share some summer pictures of our Nashville Festival/Park Adventures!

One of the things I LoVe about Nashville summers are the MANY events/festivals/activities that you can participate in. This summer alone we went to the tomato festival, earth day, symphony in the park, movies in the park, Shakespeare in the park... and there are probably more that I am forgetting! Just thinking about the warm air, cool breeze, and the crickets makes me want to put on a short sleeve shirt and run outside… (only after I put on a long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, jacket, hat, gloves, shoes… ugh!)

Symphony in the Park… 

(The Bandstand... not too close but the music was amazing!!)

(Our good friends, J&M)

The music inspired me...

Movies in the Park… 

Girlies from work... We went to see the Wizard of Oz!

J is SUPER excited... or tired of me taking pictures and telling him to smile. M sporting my favorite shirt that she owns!

K looking like she is playing twister with her hubbie... haha!

The screen... again not too terribly close. I think there might be a theme here!

The Tomato Festival...

It was a little balmy outside!!!

Shakespeare in the Park…

Yay! We have a front row seat!!

J reading up on his Shakespeare! He is such a trooper.

Yay... warmer weather will be here again... eventually!

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