Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dust free... trying to listen to Frank Sinatra.

We were truly blessed this holiday season.

Not only were we off during Christmas, but we were able see BOTH families and share hugs, smiles, and memories.

As we have become adults, we definitely do not expect any presents. As long as we can see and hear from our families, we are happy. But our families continue to give us gifts, and for that we are grateful.

I asked J what present he was excited about using and this is what he shared…

The vacuum cleaner… with a bag.

Explanation… Vacuuming has become a chore and health hazard. J has asthma and is allergic to most everything with the exception of cows. (Random, I know.) You think vacuuming would solve this problem. Of course it does! Until you have to empty the dust/dirt/allergen/killing agent container. I have had MORE issues with our bag-less HEPA filtered dust machine then picking up visible dirt bits from the carpet by hand.

The directions said it was simple. It looked simple. I realized the only simple thing about it was re-inviting everything you have just extracted from your carpet back into the house. The interesting thing is, I have never emptied the vacuum cleaner in the house. ALWAYS outside. But, one simple “click” from the release leaver, the high pressured container expels from the machine and half of its contents are released in to the air, my nostrils, and ALL over my clothes. I am very sure this is hazardous to my health. (AKA it is probably better just leaving the non concentrated dust IN the carpet then vacuuming it up.) Poor J has to wear full protective gear including a mask, or he will be taking all of his emergency asthma meds before he’ll be able to sleep.


Here is the culprit that we cannot wait to get rid of.

(Currently sitting in our garage. Take note of the dust covering the machine from the last time we emptied the container.)


Which present am I very excited about using?

The turntable!!!

Justin and I have a bit of “old souls” in our hearts. We LOVE listening to records. My grandparents said that they were looking to get rid of their old records if we could have them if we wanted… we just needed something to play them with.

Ta Da!

And here are some of the lovely records… we listened to a young Frank Sinatra last night. Absolutely lovely!!

(Funny story last night. Me: Why isn't it playing? J: You didn't unwrap the needle. Me: It has a needle?)

hahaha.... oh I need to learn how to use this thing.

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