Monday, August 2, 2010

Backyard Adventures...

Isn’t it fun to take an adventure just beyond your doorstep? To realize that your town has a history long before you ever tread its ground?

Here are some pictures from our adventure… just two miles away from our house. You would never guess by looking at the pictures. Justin and I absolutely loved it!

Take a look…. The Hermitage

Born in 1767, Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. In 1804, He bought the land the Hermitage Mansion sits on with his wife Rachel. A house was constructed and the president lived here before and after his presidency. Our town, Hermitage, was named after his home. The home is the fourth most visited presidential residence in the country (after the White House, Mt. Vernon, and Moticello.)

Another interesting fact... "Old Hickory" was Andrew Jackson's nickname as many felt he was "as tough as old hickory." His nickname has served as a namesake for a city (next to Hermitage) in addition to an infamous never connecting road that circles the city.

The Hermitage...

The Hermitage Gardens that holds the tombs of Andrew and Rachel Jackson.

The Jackson's tomb

The fields of the property

A tree probably present while Andrew Jackson was alive

An interesting headstone...

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