Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Improvement

So Justin and I have recently gotten the home improvement “itch.”

No… not this Home Improvement

Although I did like the show… especially Wilson. Now that we have a good sized fence, I have had this weird compulsion to pull up a chair and talk to my neighbors – making sure to wear a hat and only have my eyes show.

More like this home improvement…

I would now like to answer a few questions that are currently on everyone’s mind…

- Yes, this is a wall in a room in OUR house.

- No, I am not pregnant. Too young for that – and as I have said many times: “The baby club is NOT one that we are ‘joining’ first. Got to have a few friends try it out to make sure it’s safe.”

- Yes, this is pink.

- Yes, Justin consented to this idea and picked out the paint and painting materials.

- Yes, we are talking about Justin Cotton, my husband.

- No, we have not gone crazy – just having some fun.

Enough for now, baby birds. We will feed you some more pictures later. Have a wonderful weekend!

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