Friday, July 16, 2010

Cooking... at a Restaurant!

I love breakfast food.

Apparently I CAN cook breakfast food.

Success! (If anyone is keeping count, the score is Cooking 4,306 and Jenny 7.)

Recently, my friend and I took a trip to Berry Hill and visited the Pfunky Griddle. Berry Hill is known for their eccentric shops and restaurants, and the Pfunky Griddle did not disappoint.

When you walk through the doors, you are ushered to a table with a griddle. The griddle was not on top, it was actually IN the table.

We were instructed that with the exception of a few small items, we would be cooking our entire meal. Well, I came in with an appetite - hoping to have French toast and eggs. Needless to say, I quickly decided that I would only be having the French Toast for my brunch.

We were slightly apprehensive at first, but with the unlimited pancake batter, my friend dived in and began making her breakfast/brunch.

It took me a little longer. Look at the bread, look at the French toast mix, look at the bread, look at the French toast mix. (I was replaying the all the times that I have previously made French toast and had to add so much syrup to convince myself that I was not eating soggy egg bread.)

Well it was a success! My food actually looked like it was supposed to and my friend enjoyed her chocolate chip pancakes as well.

Although fabulous, we deemed trips to this restaurant should be done during the days with slightly colder temperatures as the griddle made the sitting area very, VERY, warm. (Especially since it was already 94 degrees outside.)

Here are some pictures of our cooking adventure…

What did I get myself in to…

The Cooking Process…

Our mission is complete and our food is done!

If you are looking for a place in Nashville where you want to cook your own breakfast food, the Pfunky Griddle is the place!

The Pfunky Griddle is located at 2800 Bransford Ave. Nashville, TN 37204 near 100 Oaks Mall in "Berry Hill."

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