Friday, April 16, 2010

New 'Awlins 2010

So Justin and I had wanted to go to New Orleans for awhile now. We are both big suckers for old cities with rich history and beautiful architecture. Earlier this spring, Southwest had a deal for 39 dollar tickets from Nashville to New Orleans and we jumped at the chance to go.

Only staying from Monday to Thursday limited us slightly – but we took full advantage of our time there! With Fromer’s guiding us on walking tours, we adventured through the French Quarter as well as the Garden District, making sure to hit all the spots that people and the book had mentioned to have the overall New Orleans experience. Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

The first day consisted of exploring the French Quarter. At lunch time, the police closed several streets and impromtu jazz bands came out to play. We loved this!

Here is another picture of the houses in the French Quarter. Many of the buildings date back to the mid 1800's!

This church sat on Jackson Square and is beautiful during the day... and night. (At night a light on stature created an eerie yet beautiful shadow on the church.)

Some of New Orleans history consists of voodoo. Justin wanted a picture in front of a voodoo shop.

Pat OBrien's was recommended to us by both friends and the Fromers Book for having wonderful Hurricanes (an alcoholic drink). What we didn't hear was that they also have a beautiful courtyard. It had a lovely ambiance and was great to spend time there sipping on our drinks!

We went to the Insectarium in the French Quarter. It had a beautiful butterfly house with free flying butterflies. Here, Justin found a little friend!

Justin eating alligator on a stick... He was kinda disappointed that it looked more like a sausage... and less like this (these little guys were also from the insectarium.)

On the night of the first day, we met up with a childhood friend of mine (whom I speak to frequently but hadn't seen since the 7th grade.) Here the two are causing trouble and wanting to contact Angelina Jolie. (This is hers and Brad Pitt's House.)

Garden District!

The Garden District was the destination for our second day. This area was soooo beautiful! We wandered through the neighborhood for about 2 1/2 hours and then ate a local cafe. I think Justin wants to move to New Orleans!

Another feature unique to New Orleans are the cemeteries. Buried above the ground because of the high water table, we learned that the tombs served as ovens - speeding up the decaying process. They can be opened a year after burial and the pieces of coffin are removed, and the bones are dropped to the bottom of the tomb to make room. Very interesting in deed!

Bourbon Street!

Before our vampire tour, we stopped by the famous Bourbon Street to see why it was so popular. What I couldn't believe was how much this area changed from day to night! (We had wandered down this street on the first day around noon.) We enjoyed the live jazz music and all of the bright lights.

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