Thursday, April 8, 2010

If Wet Noodles Could Dance...

Happy Web Video Wednesday!!! (Or atleast I think it is Wednesday…)

The past few weeks I have been following Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) on ABC – I’ll admit it, it’s my guilty pleasure.

The combination of watching people that I know (OK, celebrities – I don’t know them personally) dancing pretty difficult dances (that maybe I could do) with flashy costumes (that I love) entertains me. And - because I have watched the show in the past as well as this season, I consider myself an expert judge of all of the dances. (Doesn’t everyone? Even my father –in-law is an expert and I don’t believe I have even seen him set a foot on the dance floor.)

To continue, this past Monday I am pretty sure I saw a wet noodle dance, well if wet noodles could dance. I am referring to Kate Gosselin from “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” Or is it “Kate Plus Eight” now? For some reason I feel that if you are famous, you should be able to dance. The foundation of this argument? Oh just the last 1,000 seasons of DWTS of course. Sadly, however, reality stars never got the “To Be a Celebrity Part 1: Dancing” class.

My evaluation of her dance: the Paso Doble was painful to watch. I would even go far as to say “cringe worthy.” Buzz Aldrin danced better than she did! The timing of her steps was slowed to the nth degree and she walked everywhere. The fast step of the paso doble barely made it out of the starting gate and disappeared into oblivion with the crowds hope that perhaps she had just been tricking us the past two weeks.

Here is a video of her dance. (If you cannot see this through email/facebook, please visit the original site

What do you think?

I felt that her dance was so poorly constructed I even conned my husband (who had worked that night and had not even seen the episode) in to trying to recreate the dance and to point out where she had made her mistakes. We did it better than she did, even while stepping on toes and bumping heads. (Poor Justin, he is a trooper. The dance looked better when I had imagined it.)

The reason I have posted this is because Jimmy Fallon did a wonderful version of Kate’s dance. He hit all of her important moves perfectly (perfectly as she had done them.) Enjoy! (Would I do DWTS if I was ever asked. Probably not. Hey, I said I was an expert at judging.. not performing … never got the “To Be a Celebrity Part 1: Dancing” class.)

[Editors Note: After waking fully an hour later (only got 3 hrs of sleep) I have realized that it is in fact Thursday, not Wednesday.]

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