Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 8 15 16 23 42 - LOST yet?

I am a Lostie.

There... accepting your addiction it is the first step to kicking it to the curb, right?

Whelp, with this being the last season of the series, I have come to the realization that there will be no need to attempt to rehab this addiction - ABC is doing it for me. When the last episode hits the air, I will cease to talk about it, acknowledge it, etc. Haha! Who am I kidding? I said I would do that for Harry Potter. (Continues to laugh... If you like Harry Potter check out my story at www.cottoncreations.blogspot.com <- Shameless plug I know.)

Anyway, Lost might go on my back burner when it is over, but it will never be gone. Until that point, [Nerd Alert] I will think and speak most things Lost as there are many questions that need to be answered! (Thank goodness my husband is a Lostie too!)

So in light of the SEASON PREMIERE on tonight (8e/7c), I would like to answer a few things about Lost...

1. If you were on the island, which group would you be in? Survivors, Others, Dharma?

The Survivors. It would be my luck that my plane would crash on an island that doesn't play by "life as we know it"'s rules. I guess i need some brooding past though with a good back history. Probably need to work on that. Did think it was odd that I received a call from a person with the phone number (481) 516-2342 ... Think it means something?

2. If you were stranded on the island by yourself, which character would you want to be stranded with?

Richard. He has been on the island quite a while, not aging - might I add. I figure he probably knows the ins and outs of the island. (Hopefully we will find out more about his history this season!) The only thing I worry about is that he doesn't eat. If it was just me and him - and I had to figure out how to catch and cook my meal.. I wouldn't make it one day! Why one day you ask? I would end up cooking something raw and get some crazy jungle disease... or eat something not edible all together. (I barely make it in the real world cooking...)

3. Which back story was/is your favorite?

Although there are many back stories out there, I have a feeling that Jacob's history will be my favorite. Yes, we don't know too much about him yet. His interaction with "The Man in Black" is quite interesting.

Also have a favorite quote from him. Ben - "What about me??" Jacob - "What about you?" haha! (I am not a big Ben fan. So I am very glad he got put in his place last season - even though he did end up killing Jacob at the season finale... hmm...)

I am loving all the biblical references... as pointed out by my wonderful husband :)

4. Are there any mysteries you really hope will be solved in this last season?

Why Yes! Which brings me to another reason writing this post. [Nerd Alert] I have created the top 16 questions I hope will be answered in this final season. The game is to answer these questions to the best of your ability and submit them to me before the premiere this evening. They will be sealed before the episode airs and will be reopened after the season finale in May. The person who has answered the most questions correctly wins. (We might also have the most creative answers win a prize too.) Bets will also be accepted and added to the envelope - as cash or an IOU.

Let me know if you want to plan and I can send you the questions!

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