Friday, October 23, 2009

A Truly Cosmic Corn Maze

So when you think of the name "cosmic corn maze" what do you think of?

Me? A corn maze with neon lights. How they would set up neon lights in a corn maze was beyond me. Maybe they gave us different colored glow sticks?(Brought back memories of "cosmic bowling.")

Justin? He thought it was haunted/scary. (That's all he has to say about that)

We went with our good friends Jim and Michelle to a town called Spring Hill, TN. It is about 30 minutes south of Nashville built around a car factory that is unfortunately closing down in December. Sad times. But that isn't the point of this post.

We should have realized that our night might not have gone as imagined when we pulled off the highway. Glued to our Garmin we pulled into a gas station that was supposedly the plantation. Nope, not here as I looked around. I called the number on the coupon that we had and they only staffed the phone until four o'clock.

But is was a cosmic corn maze. The hours were only after dusk! So we decided to turn back around. Not sure why we headed in the opposite direction past the highway, but we did - and surprisingly we found the plantation. Good thing we can see really well in the dark, or we would have missed the sign.

"Maybe they are closed?" A voice from the back seat called out. Nope! There was a car on the stone drive far ahead of us. They look like they are going to it too!

So we pulled up to the corn maze, and there were a lot of cars there! We were in luck. Excited for a new adventure we brought our coupon to the table. Six dollars a piece with the coupon. Well we think it goes to charity and we are sure this cosmic corn field will be a blast.

Map in hand, we wander up to the beginning of the maze. Before entering the maze, there were a set of rules on a poster board. Above the rules stated "this maze will never be haunted." Okay. So do we mean no ghosts lurking around, intentional or otherwise. How can they guarentee that?

Looking back down at the map, it looks like there are indeed stations that were supposed to signify planets. Okay, well this should be interesting. Our goal was to hit all of the check points, with a group we could do it.

We weren't worried about getting lost. There was a central line that met up to a observation deck, and every path in the the maze intersected the observation deck or the central line. With it being late October, the corn husks weren't too terribly high and we could always see the flood lights from the check in tent at the front.

We started wandering and came up to a small bulletin board with wrinkled pieces of paper stuck to it. Shining our flash lights on it, turns out we had found Saturn and about 5 sheets of information about it. We all had a good laugh after that. Well it looks like we were supposed to find bulletin boards and attempt to read about planets in the dark.

Truly Cosmic.

All in all we had a good time. I guess we didn't know what to expect and that's what made it funny. Justin says that next time he wants to go to a haunted house. A haunted house that advertises a haunted house.

"Justin wandering through the corn maze"

"Jim finding the bulletin board"

"Not a haunted maze?"

"The group of us"

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