Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Phil!

Some people don't believe in ghosts... yeah just tell that to Phil...

Lets just say that I have grown up around strange "coincidences " or the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. AKA weird things happening without a good explanation.

From loud bangs in a childhood home without a culprit..figures in windows of otherwise empty houses.. lights never fully deciding if they want to be on or off... items moving when they shouldn't ... items being in different places then where you left them... and the list goes on.

My father always has a wonderful explanation for why these things happen... Well we have managed to live in houses that settle very loudly ... electricity surges happen all the time... Well the windows were open... Your apartment is pretty drafty... The dogs did it... If the waves can be affected by the moon's pull, I am sure that can be too!

I have a different explanation. We have a ghost.

It used to spook me when I was younger (which it still does every now and again.) I never realized to the full extent of how weird things were until I was with people that didn't usually encounter this stuff. AKA college. So when a roommate doesn't want to sleep in a room without you because the closet doors rattle too loud.. maybe something is off. I got fed up one evening while I was studying because the doors were being too loud. (Keep in mind no one was in these closets, the windows were not open, and no one elses doors shook. ) So I yelled at the doors to stop rattling - and they did. I also had problems with a volleyball that would always come out of the closet and roll around on its own accord and the exercise bike in the dorm basement cycling without a known person pedaling for several minutes... yep story of my life.

My husband hates anything paranormal as he cannot physically fight it. Initially when weird things would happen I would claim ghost and he would turn white as a sheet and vehemently deny it. But - our ghost has grown on him. We have a blue candle in our apartment that likes to fly from the tv or dresser usually in our general direction. Our lights turn off and on frequently usually in spirts to get someones attention. Guests usually don't like this when it turns on at three in the morning. (Always ends up getting unplugged) Food gets pushed from our closed pantry onto the floor... etc .. etc..

So what do you do about something that is about as present in your life as your friends?

Name it!

So if it is just our house settling violently enough to knock candles over or books out of a book shelf, it sure does like its new name... Oh Phil!

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