Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poked, Prodded, but I'll Take Anything with Good News..

Its been a long week (and It's only Wednesday!!) ... but so far I have had wonderful news!!

So first off - thank you for the prayers - and thank you God!

On Monday I had my CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis. I knew the drill (Who is lucky enough to get 2 CTs in a week's span aka 100x the radiation of an X-ray twice?? Yipee!) I drank my bottle full of water to dilute the contrast only to have the radiology tech  hand me a huge glass/small water barrel to drink before the scan. Surely she was kidding when she said she wanted me to drink to the whole thing to expand my stomach.. but realized otherwise when she said she wouldn't start the scan till I finished. Living in a pretty much constant state of panic/worry.. my stomach has become rather a light weight with everything so drinking 2L of water in a span of 20 minutes was rather tough. Eeep!

Anywho - went to work with a very uneasy feeling. If I had had "several" and "multiple" "mildly prominent lymph nodes" in my neck and chest.. why would they not be in my abdomen and groin?? Plus, with my hip pain - I was not too positive.. no matter any amount of positive prompting from the hubby and mom. Well, after promising nearly everyone I wouldn't look at the results... I did. and cried. Normal impressions of both abdomen and pelvis - organs looked good, no pathologically enlarged lymph nodes... praise the Lord!! (So if I have something... it doesn't appear to be below the diaphragm!!)

On Tuesday I had my thyroid biopsy.. ouchie! (Well the local anesthetic hurt a whole bunch.. actual biopsy not so much.) I learned that 1 in 8 people have thyroid nodules.. and ultra sounding the thyroid was almost as common as ultrasounding the breast (which is the most common) according to my British ultrasound tech. She made me feel super at ease... was told that my right thyroid lobe looked beautiful.. however the left one was a cystic weird thing.. which I guess a lot look like that? (That's what she said.)

My "nodule" was slightly bigger measuring "atleast 2.5cm"

Adding another battle wound to my collection of Jenny's Skin Imperfections

Recovery wasn't bad at all - but my face and throat are hurting - awesome? I sound super congested and have a lot of drainage.. between a super, awesome immune system (sarcastic) and Nashville's lack of allergens (also sarcastic) ... I am having a grand 'ole time. Fast forward to today... okay only one day (24hrs later) I got the phone call.

"Hello?" (After three calls already from the hospital about my surgery tomorrow.) "Jenny Cotton? This is "so and so" from Dr. Seibert's office." (Oh crap. Wait for it... Wait for it...) "Yes?" "He wanted me to call you to let you know your biopsy was normal." Tears. again. my poor office mates watched in horror as my eyes filled up with tears. I gave them a thumbs up. Praise the Lord... Again!! The lady on the phone asked if I wanted to speak to a nurse. I guess I said yes, or maybe I didn't say anything at all because another voice came on the line telling me my results were benign. Hallelujah!  Annual ultrasounds will be my next course of action since obviously this thing is not acting normal with its highly likely removal in the future. But it can be crossed off the list now.

And then there is tomorrow. This is the big, scary test to make sure I don't have the big, bad CA. Perhaps my lymph nodes have gone down... but not significantly - so prayers please! I think I kinda confused people by saying I was getting a biopsy. I am getting my biggest lymph node (2.4cm X 1.7cm ish) completely removed (lymphadenectomy/neck dissection) from my neck with a incision "large enough to get the lymph node out safely" and perhaps a drain. Awesome!! I will find out results at the beginning to mid next week. (Nervous!!)

Prayer requests - 

  • Pray that my CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis come back normal!! Thank you Lord!!
  • Pray for benign processes of both the lymph nodes and thyroid!!!! Thank you Lord!!
  • Pray for me to allow peace, calm, and trust in the lord .. especially this week!
  • Pray for the medical professionals that will be involved in these procedures/biopsing process.
  • Pray for my husband as he goes into this busy week. He has been providing me with such positive thoughts.. but I know he has to be worrying.
  • Pray for my family (both biological and in laws) who have had such open and welcoming ears (especially my mom who I have been incessantly bugging with every thought that has crossed my mind.) and are willing to drop everything to help. 

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6

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