Friday, July 20, 2012

Whilst Couch Hopping...

We have a wrap around coach in our loft and as I have started feeling better, I have been couch hoping vegging in front of the tv (with the pups by my side!)

As I have mentioned before, some daytime tv shows are a little over informative... I woke up this morning discovering that my hubbie might not be able to make it to work today. That's because our neighborhood was on the news!

Turns out that the 8 hour thundering (no lie) came with a little added rain..

For the second time in under a week, the entrance of our neighborhood was under water from a creek that had jumped its banks. Last Saturday the poor mailman got stranded.. today it was a guy attempting to buy cat food for his beloved feline.

After the rain waters subsided and the hubs was able to go to work, I watched several hours of the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Such a sad situation in which incomprehensible actions led to many injuries and fatalities. I always have a hard time pulling myself away from breaking news coverage ... and this was no different. Will definitely be praying for all those involved.  So sad.

To distract myself from the country's tragedies, I decided to look up new shows that will be starting in the fall (not that I need anymore shows...) and came across a a new pilot from ABC, "666 Park Avenue." Starring  John Locke from Lost (Terry O'Quinn)  Justin Walker from Brothers and Sisters (Dave Annable) this  new show seems right up Locke's alley. (Sorry - I know he doesn't play that character anymore... but every time I see him, I can't think past it!)

 As far as I can tell, Locke owns a hotel, wants to make peoples desires come true (creepsies) but has a price. Oh, and there is dead girl telling residents they can't escape. Yup..  I just might watch it... (trailer below.)

Another new show from the ABC is  "Neighbors." Nope, definitely not a joke (which I initially thought it was), the show is a comedy about a family moving into a prestigious neighborhood only to find out their neighbors ... all of their neighbors are aliens. Disguised as humans, they cry green goop from their ears, read books as a form of nutrition, AND the males of the species get pregnant.

... and the trailer was just as weird..

Will you be watching these shows?

After that, I wasn't sure what I thought... so I turned off the tv ... and computer and got out a book.

What do you look forward to when couch hopping/vegging?

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