Saturday, March 3, 2012

81 degrees and the most white we have had on the ground all year!

After the storms had passed... and trust me, I was not wearing smiles when we were getting pummeled with hail.

The hubby with his hail.

I hope everyone else ended up safe and sound with this tumultuous weather. Because our town house is on a cement slab, and with Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel making Nashville his storm watching spot, our gracious friends with a basement let us spend the dark and stormy night with them.

I honestly have never been so afraid of a storm. WSMV - our local NBC channel, did a fabulous job keeping us up to date, but when they showed us the picture of the wall cloud that was heading to our location near the airport, I was shaking in my gym shoes.

I do have to say though, with the warnings of a tornado that could stay on the ground for awhile, I thought about the quote "if you could only save ten things, what would they be?" Albeit silly, I took this quite seriously as houses on cement slabs with strong tornadoes don't fair well.

So what did I bring?

1. Checkbook
2. Chargers
3. Dog food for a few days
4. Computer
5. Electronic Passwords
6. Toiletries
7. Underwear/socks for the hubby and me
8. My camera
9. Justin's Sketchbook/Book for me
10. Purse with wallet

Things I didn't bring... (with a rationale)
- Pictures. I keep all my pictures that I have electronically on a picture website. Pictures are private so no one can see them, but it keeps me happy knowing that if the pictures were destroyed in the house, I have them here.
 - I also have pictures of every big ticket item we have in the house at this site. (For insurance claims, etc - did this last year.)

My thoughts and prayers go to all those that were affected by the storms. We were very lucky.

What would be 10 things that you would save/keep with you in an impending disaster?


Meghan Granito said...

This is a great blog topic! I'm glad you are safe -- I stayed at work extra long yesterday (in Williamson County) because we have an awesome basement that is perfect for storms. I felt super safe, but it still made me nervous for my poor little apartment near Vandy!! Have a great evening -- hope you enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL Nashville weather today!

Meghan Granito said...

PS. We're doing a blogger dinner on Wednesday in Cool Springs! Let me know if you'd be up for it!!