Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's All in the Eyes

My eyes don't enjoy winter time... or allergy season... or computers... or staying open for any length of time over the two hour mark. It really is a sad story.

One thing I have learned since I started wearing contacts? Dry eyes do not go well with lenses that you place in your eyes.

As a result, I blink, squint, wink - all at random times.

I tried those synthetic tears and needless to say they do not go well with any type of eye makeup, even if this said eye make up claims to be "water proof." I honestly don't know which is worse, not wearing mascara and having my eyes look a little off (you know when you see someone and you think "whats wrong with that person" or just suck it up and wear the lash lengthener, and wink like I am sharing secret meanings with everyone.I.see. It's a lose lose situation.

Yesterday I came across a gem of a website, "Lists of Note." This blog-esque website posts random lists from history that usually are quite laughable. One of the posts is about "Eye Flirtation." Written in the late 1800's, this list of winking and blinking (and their subsequent meaning) was initially published by a newspaper in New Zealand and then made it to various publications around the world.

Did you know the eyes could be so expressive?

Well it seems that I constantly believe that I am being watched... AND that I either hate you or love you. Yep, it's either one or the other with me. Haha!

What have you been telling people with your eyes?


Brahmin in Boston said...

This is hilarious! I think if I saw anyone doing all this, I would think that they either have dryness in their eyes or they are twitchy... (no offense)!

Who knew that there were so many subtle "flirtations" of the eye!?

Jenny said...

Lol - no kidding right?? My hubby saw this post and decided to try to communicate with only winking and blinking... even though it had only been two hours since I posted, I still said "You all right?" (After I watched him winking at me for about 10 seconds.) haha!