Sunday, June 26, 2011

Florence, Kentucky warning citizens of zombies...

In light of a recent blog post, "Hey CDC, is there something I'm missing?" and my enjoyment of finding weird/unique news stories, I wanted to share a "laugh worthy" article published by a Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati news website.

Apparently in Florence, KY (a place I used to call home), a construction sign has been flashing "Nightly lane closures, zombies ahead." 

The city claims the sign had been hacked, however they are not sure how long it had been flashing this ominous warning. To put the city's worry to rest, an official statement by the police was released, stating there were no reports of zombies in the area Thursday morning.

My response - No zombies in the area Thursday morning? Does that mean there were some and they have been exterminated or moved to a different location?? Food for thought.

Gotta love the news.

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