Monday, May 2, 2011

If a tornado causes destruction and isn't covered on the news... then did it really happen?

So there was a tornado outbreak last week… and according to the news it was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Tell that my parent’s neighbors in Athens, Alabama who took this video (below). What you are viewing is a EF 4 tornado (the largest is an EF5) passing within a quarter mile from their northern Alabama neighborhood. Tell them that the tornados and loss of life were only in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. See what they’d say.

I always wonder how national news companies decide what to cover. The biggest story… the best bang for their buck … the most sorrow?  It doesn’t matter if the programs are run by the “Democrats” or “Republicans”… it’s always the same. I know that the news can't cover everything, but when one area is covered continuously during a tornado outbreak and several other areas were hit, how does that make sense? I've seen it on Facebook... people are bringing mass amounts of supplies to Tuscaloosa... but there were three other counties that had the same amount of deaths and destruction. They need help too. 

So what about those other areas… the other counties that were affected by HUGE tornados?


Your tornado “safe place” will protect you from this tornado….

Not from this one… 

Say a prayer for all those who are affected... the ones that were covered on your news... and the ones that weren't. 

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