Monday, April 25, 2011

Have you ever thought you were really good at something

… until you saw yourself on video? 

I thought I was really good at dancing. 

One of my goals during my 25th year is to get in shape. Not only have I started the Couch to 5K (… started that today…) but last month I went out and bought “Just Dance 2” for our wii console.

Okay, I bought it mainly because of those awesome commercials where they show home videos of groups of seemingly normal people performing dances together. 

The people look awesome. I am pretty good at dancing and know how to “shake it” therefore I deduce that I would look awesome too. (Yeah, I know that’s what the company wants me to think… advertising at its best.)

Whelp, I practice for about an hour straight. After I feel like I have a handle on the game, I know it is now appropriate to challenge my unbeknownst, innocent husband. Hey, I am competitive, what can I say?

Yeah, well he wins. 

And wins.

And wins again.

I have seen my husband dance. He has a few moves… but enough to beat me at a wii dance competition? I think not! I am in disbelief. Unfortunately when I compete with him I cannot look at him or I would miss the upcoming moves. Thus, I come up with the bright idea to video tape us.

What ever happened to those fluid movements I remember myself doing? I thought I had hit every move and danced every step. I have included the video here…


** My husband knew he was being taped. This was his altered choice of wardrobe. I apologize – he truly is one of a kind.

** The camera adds 20 pounds… to me… not my husband.

**Scrubs are not the most flattering... 

** I keep my mouth open when I concentrate, this has replaced my previous “tongue jutting out of my mouth technique.”

** Yes, even though my husband stopped multiple times during the dance… he still won the competition

** I can’t win because apparently I don’t have any rhythm (gathered from simply watching the video), and I am ahead in almost every move. (At least now I know why I am not winning.)

If you have read ALL the disclaimers… you have my permission to watch… and I'll keep working on my dancing skilz.

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