Tuesday, April 19, 2011


"If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone."

I have a bee outside that is named "Bumbles." I am not sure if he thinks we are friends, but everytime... EVERY TIME... I go outside he decides to keep me company.

He hasn't physically stung me, but his behavior is extremely disconcerting. He hovers. He hangs there in mid air about 1-2 feet away and doesn't really move. Obnoxious I tell you.

I used to say hi, break the ice. The problem is, I can't see his tiny little bumble face, so I am not sure if he is being a dominant bee male and trying to to scare me away or if he simply wants to have a close friend.

Well Bumble started getting on my nerves. I didn't want Bumbles near me. I have this itty bitty tiny fear of bees.... okay it is a HUGE fear of bees. Hey, I was the kid who's teacher had to carry a cooler around whenever we went outside at school to hold her Epipen.  Lovely, right?

Well I decided to spray Bumbles with water. Apparently Bumbles is waterproof.

I tried to swat Bumbles with a broom. Apparently Bumbles is SuperBee fast.

I tried to spray Bumbles with Wasp and Hornet Spray.

Apparently Bumbles is indestructible.

The problem is....

Now he is angry.

He is no longer hovering, now he is swooping.. and I am pretty sure he has my face ingrained in his tiny Bumble mind. I couldn't even get the mail in the front of the neighborhood. He was guarding my mailbox!!!

I love nature... but I hate Bumbles.

Does anyone know how to get rid of him??

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