Monday, March 14, 2011

Bumps in the night...

I am usually not a scaredy cat … okay I lied. Maybe I am. Many times I can keep myself cool.  Brush it off, shrug my shoulders, go on with my everyday life.

When J isn’t home though, those mystery sounds create a different story… 


When J is home: House must be settling
When J is not home: Someone is skulking around upstairs

Dogs bark for no reason

When J is home: The dogs must be bored… or over reacting
When J is not home: Someone is poised in a spot unseen, ready to jump out at me with a kitchen knife

I walk into a room with a light on … that I don’t remember turning on

When J is home: Must have forgotten I turned that light on … I do it more times than I can remember
When J is not home: Someone else forgot to turn the light off when they snuck in.

The phone rings

When J is home: I answer it.
When J is not home: I jump, initially thinking that perhaps it isn’t my phone that is ringing.

(See a common theme here?)

I know that I am not one of the minor characters in the movie Scream, but sometimes my imagination gets carried away. I mean, I think I would feel better if my life had a sound track. If I heard an ominous melody increase in tempo as I went to my front door after a knock, perhaps I wouldn’t open it. Actually, I know I wouldn’t open it. I hate ominous melodies with fast tempos.

If I had a daily sound track, I would also hope that the creator of those cryptic tunes didn’t like to play cruel jokes. If I heard the theme of jaws every time I took a bath, although I know a monster with large teeth wouldn’t be waiting in the drain, I can’t say I wouldn’t become paranoid.

Who wouldn’t?

Ugh. Maybe I just need to make friends with this unknowing creature that dances along the fine line of my consciousness and grasp. Fear is so ambiguous, yet very quick to create a distinct and tangible shape. I could probably stop being afraid of my phone though.

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