Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life in 2010 (According to my Facebook statuses)

I was SUPER excited about my CATS (UK that is…)

1. C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!!! Beat UofL!!! 2. That was a little too close for my liking... but I will take it!!! Go CATS!! 15-0! 3.Tenessee beat Kansas?!?!? 4.♥ Go Big Blue!!! ♥ 5.Come on CATS!!! 6.Once again, too close for my liking! But.. I love my CATS! ♥ UK 18-0 ♥ 7.♥ UK #1 ♥ 8.C-A-T-S ... CATS, CATS, CATS!!! 19-0 = #1 ... oh and TN LOST! yay! 9.C-A-T-S... CATS CATS CATS!!! 10.I think if UK has another game like this Justin might have an aneurysm or heart attack. 11.Love that we beat South Carolina... glad we got that settled... 12.C-A-T-S ... CATS, CATS, CATS!!! GOO UK!!! 13.C-A-T-S CATS, CATS, CATS!!! 14.Loving the "blue" presence here in Nashville! Go cats!!! 15.That's how we are supposed to play!!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!! 16.Kinda glad I was sleeping during the game... but how awesome was it to wake up with an SEC tourney championship!!! GOOO Kentucky!!! 17.OHHHHHHH C-A-T-S CATS, CATS, CATS!!!!! 18.Go Big Blue!!!! :)19.Highly disappointing..

Weather was apparently a BIG deal…

Why does it have to threaten to snow when I get ready to work my stretch. I don't wish to live at the hospital this weekend. I know I am saying this, but please don,t snow!!

we are supposed to get between 1-8 inches of snow. Sounds like they know exactly what is supposed to happen. Yay for a winter weather land after having 61 degree weather last week. Not.

So according to the news.. the ground hog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow.. but the ones in New York and Georgia did not. I am going to go with the majority..

I am beyond ready for spring... is there anything I can do to make it come faster???

Starting the day off early! It looks beautiful outside!!

87 degrees today?? What happened to spring?? We went from snow to summer... maybe i should sit on my car to get a tan and read a book like Allison Cate :)

The only nightmares I have ever had included tornadoes. Thanks weathermen for the "high possibility" that either I will get no sleep today.. Or horrible nightmares. If anybody hears that we have a tornado warning .. On the off chance I am sleeping, the wooden box that I hang out in during the day is not tornado proof.. Just give me a ring. Grumble.

Is wondering where all the water is going to go... Guess we should have invested in a boat.

More rain, flooding, and tornados! Really?!?

I didn't know living in Nashville meant blizzards in the winter and monsoons in the spring. What's next for summer? Extreme drought, temperatures in the 120's?

‎... Out Came the Sun.. and Dried Up the Entire River... Yay! We will be free from our island tomorrow!! Yay

1.5 billion dollars in damages here in Nashville... and they said that was a conservative number. wow.

Really getting tired of Nashville's rainy season...

So Summer... thought we had a deal.. you can be blazin' hot during your "approved" times... but when it's Fall's turn - you must go away... and work on heating up Australia or something. You can't have the best of both hemispheres....\

Ugh. Went into work when it was fall and left after it turned to winter. I gotta be working longer than 12 hrs.

Guess I didn’t work too much…

1. Ugh back to work after six days off 2.I was off seven worked two days and now I am off for three.. Rough times for me :)3.Sad my New Orleans vaca is coming to a close.. Excited because I still have five more days off!4.Let my week off begin!!! Now I must... do dishes and fold clothes?? Boo.... 5.Seven days off!! Yippee!! 6.Out of all times to get the stomach bug I get it on my 7 days off. Grumble. 7.How did my 12 day vacation fly by so quickly?? Back to work tonight. 8. Six working days and one day off stand in my way for my seven days off next week!9. Lovin' my six days off.. So many fun times and more things to come!!10. It's hard to go back to work after having soooo much fun on my six days off... sadness.....11. Had a great work week.. And now for five days off... :D 12. My five days off went by too quickly. Good thing I have another stretch after the next three days! :)13.I think it's safe to say that I earned my 14 day vacation 14.Finding out that I am going 3/2 in November has made my vacation even better!!! :)

LOST meant a lot to me

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42.. Tomorrow!!!

Loved LOST :)

Only one more LOST episode ever......

Contemplating all things Lost.. I think my brain is starting to hurt...

Live together or die alone... Ready for the end!!!

A-mazing... One more hour!!!

Lost could have not been more amazing... if only that was the right word for it.

And Twilight earned a few status shout outs

1. Going to see Jacob with Katelin Dierks Thornton... will be quite awesome. :) Yay! 2.Pretty sure there are 50 girls at Walgreens stocking up for the movies... 3.Stilllll a Jacob fan... Katelin's right, they should definately have an alternate ending to the series... would be soo much better. And - I am willing to bet a lot of people would go see it considering our entire theater were Jacob fans...

Cooking, Shopping, and Food Adventures

Cinnamon Rolls: cook at 400 degrees for 13-15 minutes. I cook them at 375 for 9 minutes... Still burnt. FAIL! sadness.. The kitchen hates me...

Still kinda sad the cleaning guy ate my cookies.. okay well I did drop them.. but they were still in the bag and I was coming back for them! (But who picks up cookies and eats them at a childrens hospital?? Besides children?) Hope he enjoyed them! :)

While checking out at the grocery, the clerk asked if Garfield lived at my house. Confused, I asked him what would make him say that. He responded, "not many people buy 10 packages of Stoffers lasagna..." In my defense, there was a sale going on...

Cooking and me just aren't getting along. I think it might be a hate hate relationship now. Grumble.

Shopping lists are great. When I don't have one, I automatically think we need spaghetti noodles. How often do I make spaghetti? Once every six months.., which explains the 7 boxes of spaghetti in my pantry.

This is why I don't cook... all i want to do is stick some chicken fillets thingys in the oven.. My cook books are willing to tell me everything short of bringing a chicken back to life - with the exception of simply putting it in the oven. Cooking 5,672 ... Jenny – 4

Ok, so it is becoming a common occurence that I am getting called out for what's in my grocery cart. This time at Walmart, "Ramen noddles? Don't see that very common in carts of women your age." (face reddening) "Its a back up for when the food doesn't turn out" "Thought so. " Come on people! I did have hamburger meat ...and chicken in my cart too!

I went to see Harry. And that was a big deal.

1. Harry Potter Park in THREE DAYS and Harry Potter movie in ONE MONTH!!! Soooo excited! 2. On my way to sunny Florida with Michelle Leigh and Katelin Dierks Thornton to see the Harry Potter Park woooooo hooooo.... 3.One day until Harry!!!!

And then there were those statuses that I'm not quite sure about…

Dear BellSouth Internet... after many battles I have won. Take that! Sincerely, Jenny

Should stay away from sharp things...

‎‎"you know me. I would get lost inside a box"

"My first born's name is going to be (come up with name) Will you be the father??" haha

Greg is not an alien! hahaha

Thank goodness they don't charge for short term parking at the airport.. Especially since I was only trying to turn around.. Oh nashville

Probably not a good thing when the front page of MSNBC reads "End of the World.."
"That so isn't my color!" As Justin removes the foundation off his face...


Favorite Quotes from this Morning's Adventure: "I am not even sure what a battery looks like" " I'm pretty sure I just got shocked" "Why did you leave your car running?" "I really want to know what he got that trophy for" "... I want my ticket so I can kick it..." "And the baby eats her from the inside out." Oh good ...

You know it's been a long night when.. After work you get to your car.. And jump in the back seat.

Glad having an iPhone helped the flight crew out.. A little unnerving though.


Did you know the hardest tongue-twister in the English language (according to Guiness) is: "The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick."

"Now, time for the weather. Tiffany?"

Full moon... That explains it.

Oh and apparently “I love Meghan.” That was my status three times.

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