Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The day the clouds got in the way

So usually I don't have any preference about clouds during the night time.

Cloudy, partly cloudy, whisps, sirus and cumulus (pulling out the real names of those clouds!!) They all look the same to me... when it's dark outside. It wasn't until I got glasses in the fifth grade that I could actually make out one star from another during those clear nights. I remember a specific incidence when I was still living in Indiana (pre 3rd grade) and we had gone outside to look at shooting stars. I looked up and stared and stared, wondering why my view of the sky looked so different then what others described. I never once saw a shooting star. Oh the saving grace of corrective lenses. I can see the sky.

Anywho. I love seeing stars when they are out, but it will not ruin my night if it is cloudy.

*Correction* It will not ruin my night if it is cloudy unless there is a lunar eclipse.
Not just any lunar eclipse, one that I had been waiting THREE MONTHS for and +/- 400 years. In other words, a long, long time. You see, lunar eclipses happen almost every year.. sometimes even more. For a lunar eclipse to occur on winter solstice, however, is very rare.

As you can see, I was not the only one unable to see the lunar eclipse. According to (and my circling) there were only a few good places in the United States that would have their view unobstruced by white fluffy things.

This lunar eclipse was the first one to occur on a winter solstice since December 21, 1638.

I was only -348 years old then.

I will be 108 the next time one happens.


What did make my night however, is that my sister said she would take a picture for me! Here you can see her witnessing history in the making!

Here is a slightly larger version from one of my facebook friends who is a photographer. I have never met him but he befriended me because we had shared the same last name (and the correct spelling of it.) You can click on the picture to see his pictures from the night.

Although I wasn't there... I am glad I had someone thinking about me and taking the time to make sure I was able to see it! (And she had to stay up pretty late too!!!)
Thanks K.

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