Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weddings... and Weird Faces

I would like to believe that I look and act normal at weddings. Happily smiling during my friends’ fairytale weddings is what SHOULD show up during impromptu/candid pictures.

So then why do I look like this??

Okay, so they caught me immediately “post – fall”

Justin’s wrist “smell worthy”?

My face has a mind of its own while I'm dancing…

Maybe so I can hear better?

Here are some other nontraditional pictures at a recent wedding I had SO MUCH FUN at …

Katie throwing her bouquet to her bridesmaids … which four out of the six are married. (I never had the opportunity to try to catch a bouquet before!!)

The guests’ reactions after I fell down the stairs. No angry mob riots here! (Made me feel better to see people laughing.)

Playing football… with many of the girls saying, “How close to you get to them?” “How is this supposed to work?” “This is awkward staring at them like this…”

Directions: Throw bouquet up and look at the camera …

Directions: (continued) … After the photographer takes the picture, CATCH your flowers…

Katie and the girls…

It was a “WOW” kind of day… Congrats Katie and Trey!!!

Many of these pictures were taken by the “Wedding Ninja." (The pictures from Katie and Trey's wedding)

You can view his work HERE.

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