Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Only One in the Room.


I love to write. It gives me the ability to get my imagination out of my head and onto paper. Many times, if you get me started on a day where I am feeling particularly keen, I could go on for awhile giving you an elaborate story stemming from one singular idea. And it’s not only my imagination; I like to write stories from life experiences. Some have told me that crazy things only happen to me. I disagree. I think crazy stories happen to everyone, it is just if and how you tell them.

Most importantly however, I like to write and tell stories for the enjoyment of others. I know how I feel when I get into a good story – I have read 400 page books in one day! I like the questions and inquiries about things I have written, the excitement in people’s eyes. When that excitement dims, however, I lose my “vigor” to write.

I have been in the process of writing a fanfiction story based from the Harry Potter series. I have been working on it for a year now and I felt that I had a good fan base. As I got closer and closer to the “turning point” of the story, I slowed up. Why? Because I was worried what my readers would think. I had kept them in the dark until this specific chapter, and I was worried on whether they would agree or simply be interested anymore. Well I didn’t give up. The chapter was physically hard, because I had to prove something that had not been in the books, but had to use the book to prove it. To make it seem credible. I finished the chapter and I was downright proud. I was so excited to see what others would feel about this BIG revelation. I submitted it to my fanfiction site that I post to in addition to putting it on my blog and waited. And waited some more. I received several “hits” otherwise known as people reading it… but no one had commented on it. I got no “It was horrible” or that “It was good.” Nothing. It was then that I didn’t even know if I wanted to finish the story. I had put work into 10 intricate chapters, and didn’t even know if I wanted to put effort in an ending.
That was two months ago.

I haven’t written since.

I was going to delete my story today on my fanfiction site, defeated. Taking one last look at my story, I noticed it had had 5,094 hits. Well at least I had hit the 5,000 mark. I did have two new comments, so I paused to read them…

“Another great chapter! Your plot is so great. I love this story and can't wait for your next update:)”

“This story is truly amazing. Everything ties together. This was definitely my favorite chapter. I don't understand why there aren't more reviews. Please update soon!”

I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. So maybe I don’t have the most popular story, but to these two people and maybe a bunch of unspoken others - they enjoyed it.

Someone even thought it was amazing.

I then remembered attending a book signing last Friday for an author whose work I truly enjoyed. I arrived early and sat in the very front row of approximately 50 chairs. I was so excited. Authors are celebrities to me. As the clock turned four, the staff ushered the author in and she sat down. I was full of smiles and she smiled back.

Looking around she smiled at the staff and simply stated , “Should I start?” Grabbing her book, she thanked us for being there and said she would answer any and all questions we had for her. That’s when I realized she kept looking straight at me. I loved it. I felt like I was the only one in the room! When she began reading an excerpt from the book, I looked around me and was startled. Out of those fifty chairs, there were only four of us. Four fans for an author that was a best-seller. I WAS practically the only one in the room.

This author could have decided not to come talk when she realized there would hardly be anyone there. But did she give up? No. Was she defeated? No. Yes, I was embarrassed for her, but I was also impressed. Throughout the whole meeting she held her head high (and answered about a dozen questions from me.)

So I realized that today I am going to finish this story whether I get reviews/comments or not. If two people love my writing, then that will be enough for me. Life is too valuable to quit when the going gets tough – even if it is a fanfiction story. You never know. Maybe you will see MY book on the New York Time’s Best Seller List one day.

Here is a picture of me and one of my favorite authors…

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