Wednesday, September 1, 2010

“Aww.. they finally created a ride for the kids in a bubble”

If you want a night full of entertainment… go to a fair. It could be any fair – county, state, school – you will be in for a treat. You don’t even have to buy anything besides an entrance ticket. Well, it helps to bring some extra money for food… and maybe the Ferris wheel, but I promise you, you can’t go wrong.

How can I say this delicately? At fairs the most outrageous/interesting rides, food, and people come out for display. From fried EVERYTHING to people that appear to have escaped the local mental health facility to a ride where you can put your kid in a big plastic bubble… the fairs do it all.

Our close friends, J, and I were determined to get to this cultural staple. Only living half an hour away (driving time) from the fairgrounds, we naturally assumed leaving at 6:15p would put us getting there around 7pm. Well around 8:30p we found ourselves STILL stuck in traffic and two miles away from the bright lights of our future. Never turning down an adventure with friends, we hiked the two miles and were not disappointed.

Okay I’ll have to admit we were slightly disappointed that we had to almost take out a loan to purchase these tickets to ride just one ride. The sign read a dollar a ticket… and we needed four tickets a piece to ride the coveted Ferris Wheel, but it was worth it.

Here are some pictures from our “adventure.”

Walking two miles in flip, flops was rough work. Here is a picture once we arrived.

The ride I coined, “The ride for the kids in a bubble.” Unique, I know – but I have never seen anything like it. After watching for several minutes, we found that they have what looks like an over sized kiddie pool and kids in plastic bubbles without air vents. When they are ready to put more kids in the bubble, they simply zip them in and blow air in with a leaf blower. Although, if they kids get super feisty, its hard to get a hold of the bubble they are in. Quite entertaining.

Me on a super fast, spinney ride. I was scared for my life. Okay, it was the Ferris wheel… and not even the bigger of the two – but hey, I am afraid of heights. I was quite proud of myself. I also feared that if something were to malfunction with the wheel, our ride supervisors would simply just run away.

The height was worth it because the view was beautiful.. I think. (Justin took these pictures because I kept closing my eyes.)

We had a good time…

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