Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slightly Chilly...

I don’t know about you… but it has been darn right cold!

Okay, who am I kidding? I was attempting to convince myself that it wasn’t 90 million degrees outside my doorstep. Mental conditioning and air conditioning are the only thing keeping me cool when I am pretty sure my house is located on the surface of the SUN.

Some people can handle the heat. Some can even go outside and sun bathe in this weather. Me? I melt.

I use the word melt, because I am pretty sure that is EXACTLY what my body is doing. Some girls lightly perspire, some guys sweat under the armpits, I melt. Melting is the appropriate term for obnoxiously sweating, even when doing only minimal activity.

Yesterday, at around seven PM, my hubby and I take a simple walk around my neighborhood. The sun is already setting; it should be cool and comfortable. We are not power walking, just leisurely strolling around the block.

As we arrive back to our door step, J appears calm, cool, collected…. And most importantly dry. Me on the other hand looks like: 1. Decided to run to Percy Priest Lake and take a swim or 2. Was chased by wild animals to the local Publix and back. It was that bad.

I am not lying. This obnoxious sweating/melting that my body does could possible serve as a side show for the circus. “Why?” You may ask. Well I actually don’t sweat under my armpits. Maybe I do, but it just isn’t as noticeable as other areas as my body. I feel like words cannot express my sweating issues – so here is a picture from a rare event a few years ago where I actually allowed myself be in a picture… and sweaty at the same time.

Yep. Downright embarrassing. Oh well, I am going to own it. Not like I can tell my body where to sweat, it’s just a little more extreme than others.

I hope you, my friends, are not melting and staying cool in this heat wave. Make sure to drink plenty of liquids and stay super-duper hydrated!

Also – mother nature, I am on to you. I am starting to pick up on a trend. During the winter – you snowed us in, during the spring – you rained us in. During the summer – you heated us in. (If that is even a phrase.) So, during the fall, please be nice. I am not sure what else you might be capable of… so please take your fury elsewhere.
Thank you.

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