Friday, June 25, 2010

The Mystery of "Horse Boy"

The Mystery of "Horse Boy"

Have you ever just played around with Google's "Street View" option? I have. Sometimes when I am extremely bored or feeling extremely creepy, I venture out to find what people's houses look like or if I can see the President through one of the White House's windows. (Nope you can't do that nor can you find out what sits on top of the white house - well besides the snipers of course.)

Anyway, to give us the service of being able to see what areas might look like from the street versus the sky (nice feature since I am inept at translating sky view aka map view to what I am seeing when traveling) Google cars are outfitted with special GPS and camera equipment. Each day they travel the roads, not only capturing roads and houses, but recording everything that the people are doing too. These cameras usually record people doing normal things, unsuspectingly caught in the crossfire of Google's big eye. Occasionally however, these cameras capture out of the ordinary things such as a car on fire, a cult musician taking a bath, or a guy standing on a sidewalk with a horse head.

Yes, I said horse head.

I read an article on yesterday and apparently a random person spotted this oddity in Scotland. Spotted HERE on Google Street View you can see what appears to be a man in a purple shirt, black pants and what I hope to be a brown horse head mask in Aberdeen, Scotland.

You can read the story at

Interesting... Guess what street he was standing on? Mane. hahaha.

Here are some other interesting finds from Google's Street View... enjoy! (


Lets hope that he locked himself out...

Yep, that bridge is missing a few parts..

Google goes EVERYWHERE

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