Monday, June 7, 2010

Muggle... and Proud of It! (Well actually I would prefer to be a Wizard...)

**Nerd Alert**

So many things are happening in the World of Harry Potter... and this girl [points to self] is soooo excited!

Yesterday, the very FIRST trailer of the Deathly Hallows was released in addition to NBC having a tv special on the theme park - which OPENS next week!

ALSO - the new movie comes out in a 164 days.. yipee!!! If you don't want to count out 164 days like I have on MY calendar.. that equates to NOVEMBER 19, 2010

To aid all of those Harry lovers out there that want a one stop shop for all things Potter, I have included the links here in my blog.

First, some pictures - courtesy of mugglenet - of the park... so excited - we are taking a girls trip in OCTOBER!
(and as you can see, there has been some very L-U-C-K-Y people playing in the park...)

Here is the FIRST MOVIE TRAILER of the Deathly Hallows Part I ...

This was the NBC TV SPECIAL on the makings of the park...

I found most of these lovely things on .. The Worlds #1 Harry Potter Site.

Also - I am again working on my fan fiction story.. two more chapters down. They haven't been posted as I am still cleaning them up. I will probably work on them during my eight days off later this week. But keep an eye out for them -
I promise ... this story WILL BE FINISHED this SUMMER!! Yay!

Have an enchanting day!

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