Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Still Going to the Pantry??"

I love Pancake Pantry.

I love my friends.

I love it when we can get a group to go to the Pantry after a 12+ hr shift.

Why is this…. ?

More than enough laughs…

We use our hands a whole lot when we talk.

Peer pressure has about an 80% success rate.

You can order half… or even a quarter of the dish.. but you do this so you can order 2 or more dishes.

No need to experiment. Order the French toast or chocolate chip pancakes and you will be a- ok.

If you go at 7:30am, you don’t have to wait in the line around the block.

It becomes okay to stare at a table where a man was given a trophy.. every three minutes. All dressed up in business suits, the group of men toast this trophy. “Maybe he got a job promotion?” “But he got a trophy!” “Maybe its for something super cool.” Listening to their conversation is hampered by the noise of the restaurant. Finally, seeing that they are getting up to leave, curiosity wins and they are asked why this lucky man got a trophy. Turns out he is the champion of corn hole. “I think that ruined my morning.”

The waitresses there understand night shift “gibberish.”

The waitresses actually bring you something when you say “surprise me.”

We have become experts at jumping cars. We have also learned not to touch the red and black cables together.

You explain to all those new to parking in the assigned area that parking is INDEED free, and all you have to do is select 1 ½ hours. They do ticket.

The conversations…

“It has been shown on this food channel.. or cooking network.. or some cooking thing like that.” “Do you mean the Food Network?” “Exactly!”

“I am pretty sure they just lifted those chairs right over our heads.”

“Don’t look over there, I think that is Matt Wertz!” “Who is he?” “A singer… I have been to his concerts. I am in love with him.” “Oh…maybe I have one of his songs…” [Grabbing Phone] “Don’t play the song!”

“Do you laugh at funerals?” "What?" "No, I am serious. I have a friend that does, and that's how she copes."

“Taylor Swift brought Justin Bieber here the other day. Like around 1 p.m.” “She brings all of her boyfriends here.” “How old is she? 19? That’s statutory rape.” “Oh I don’t think she is dating him. She is back together with Taylor Lautner.” “I saw that too in my US weekly!”

“I don’t think I can walk in a straight line.” “That’s all right as long as you can drive in a somewhat straight line. Nashville drivers don’t even really do that, so I think you are okay.” (No alcohol was included.)

“I think I have had this lady before.” “Me too.” [Looking around…] “I think I have had all those ladies before.” [pause] “I think I come to pancake pantry too much.”

“And that’s when the baby eats her from the inside out..” [Group starts laughing.] “ Where did that come from? Are you talking about Twilight? Usually you are the normal one!”

“I don’t feel so well. I will feel better when I lay down.” “Did you even chew that?” “I am pretty sure they just gave you your eggs 30 seconds ago.”

So - I think I was just extra observant this morning. Usually when I wake up after a pancake pantry day – I only remember the laughing with friends part…

I love Pancake Pantry.

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