Sunday, May 2, 2010

Riverfront Property

Have you ever wished of waking up to the sound of rushing water in the early hours of the morning?

Have you ever wanted to step out on your front stoop to a lake just twenty feet away?

Well I have the community for you!

Reachable by ferry, canoe, or boat – this premier Hermitage neighborhood is surrounded by water – all the water that you could ever want!

With a mix of several rivers, rain, and sewage, you will be able to experience first hand how your neighbors upstream live – an anthropologists dream! Don’t worry about any smells, the winds are so strong, no stagnant fragrances here!

Once mail delivery resumes, grab some rain boots, life preserver, and scuba gear and be ready for an adventure! The mail boxes are located in the front of the neighborhood, currently underwater, and no one could ask for a more exciting time.

As one of the few areas with electricity and running water, you will live in luxury in this community, nothing more that you could ask for! And If you thought that was it, for limited time only, you have a unique chance to live with the very builders of your home! Available at your beck and call, room and board is their only requirement. Wonderful people and great with children, it would be silly to pass up this opportunity!

So grab your family, a boat, and a sense of humor and get ready for a one-of-a kind neighborhood!

Stop by today as these properties only stay riverfront for a limited time! Hope to see you soon!

Love, Jenny and Justin

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