Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maybe They Had a Little More Time ... At Yale...

Happy Web Video Wednesday!

On Monday, Oprah's episode was entitled "Incredible Feats," and she did not disappoint. Although I could go on explaining about all of the fascinating segments, one particularly stood out (relatively speaking.)

Yale student, Sam Tsui, is a youtube sensation (and now he was on Oprah...) A very good singer, Sam and a friend began creating "music videos" at college, and initially in their dorm room. To make it unique, Sam's friend suggested that he sing every part of the songs separately. Then, using some digital magic to piece it together, a creative illusion was created.

Now, most importantly, the reason I found this interesting... I had some spare time in college too. With some good friends, we also created a few music videos.

Enjoy! (Keep in mind, we didn't have the digital magic these Yale guys have. Both videos were taken with a Kodak camera (on the video setting) and video and music were dubbed with the Windows Movie Maker... Prepared to be impressed!.. I think...)

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