Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Biggest Critic

Who is the Biggest Critic in Your Life?

2010 is my year.

I have dedicated myself to being an “investigator.” What am I investigating? Well many things. First and foremost, who “I” am and what makes me, me. Why is this important? Continue reading …

Over the past two months of 2010, we have heard in the news (entertainment news) that reality star Heidi Montag (Pratt) went through 20 (20?!?) surgery procedures to become “beautiful” to make it in the music industry. (This was her second plastic surgery.) She is 23 years old.

She did this because she felt she was “ugly” and that in her industry she has to be beautiful to become popular and some “alterations are necessary.” This is sad and disturbing – for two reasons. First she is basically telling the public that to be beautiful you will probably need plastic surgery. Two, that she was so unhappy with herself she felt the need to spend $30,000 on procedures that were dangerous, leaving her in pain, weak and showing little to no expression. She just released another music album, but she hasn’t been able to promote it. Why? She is unable to fully move her jaw – and she had the surgery in November! Please tell me how these procedures are helping her career?

I understand the media believes they “define” beauty. They show us that being 5’9 and weighing a 100 lbs is beautiful. (I never made it to 5’9 and surpassed 100lbs before puberty!) (Another tidbit – many models can’t have babies. Why? They don’t have enough fat to distribute essential hormones that allow them to have menstrual cycles! Anyway..) But – who ultimately accepts this definition and then strives to become it? We do! Why? Because we are not happy with ourselves.

Last year the general public became familiar with the name Susan Boyle. With humble upbringings, Susan’s “image” vastly differs from those media definitions I mentioned earlier. Yet, she is popular – so popular that her CD sales have competed with country singer Taylor Swift! (She has sold many more CDs then Heidi Montag!) Why has she had such great success? She has true, genuine talent. The public has spoken – not the media. They value exceptional talent, no matter what you look like.

So where am I going with this. Everyone starts out unique – even identical twins. You might not be 5’9 or weigh a 100lbs, but embrace it. Embrace what God has given you. With this uniqueness, everyone also has a talent that makes them different. EVERYONE. Something that they enjoy doing, something that defines them, something that they are truly good at. It might be something that no one else does, it might not make you famous, it might be weird… and the list goes on. But it is what makes you – you. Embrace this too! Why am I promoting all of this self acceptance? Because, ultimately, this is what truly matters.

Life can be defined as change. Never static, it is the change in life that we can bet on. With this, we must become familiar with ourselves, know what “I” and “me” truly mean. If we let other things in life define us (the media, our job, even friends and family) – then when those things change or disappear – where does that leave us? In shambles.

I feel that sometimes the entertainment hopefuls strive for “popularity” backwards. People want to be famous and then they try to find themselves afterwards. Unfortunately, they are never happy, always trying to be the next biggest, best thing. Those that are truly famous (and legendary) are the ones that don’t care what others think – they just do what they love, what has made them unique. (Take for instance, Lady Gaga, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, and the list goes on…)

If you want to make changes in your life, do so because it will make you happy, not because someone else told you to do it. I pluck my eye brows so I don’t have a uni-brow (because I would!) and a uni-brow just doesn’t look good with glasses. I don’t blog because everyone else is doing it, I do it because I like to write.

If you want people to accept you, you must have already accepted yourself. Don’t strive to be famous, strive in doing what makes you “you” and ultimately makes you happy. If you end up down that road – props to you! If you don’t – oh well, you are still happy… and that’s all that matters, right?

When the end comes, God won’t be sorting us in “famous” and “not so famous” categories, nor the “rich” or “poor” categories. He made us unique for a reason…

So live, love, learn – that’s what I say!

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