Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009.. Here we come!

So one of my New Year resolutions is to blog.

I didn't even bother to try and make a resolution about working out more this year. I contemplated a half marathon which almost caused Justin to fall over in shock and laughter. Who am I kidding? I abhor working out and would rather file my nails (which I hate) then jump on a treadmill. I hate the feeling of trying to stay on a moving track while combating pain and boredom. Then after running/jogging/walking/crawling for thirty minutes... I feel like I am on a moving side walk for the next two hours.

So when we moved here we found out our apartment complex has those fancy treadmills with the built in tvs. Yay, right? haha. That is a big joke to me. I don't know about others... but if I could focus on a constant thing while running (did you know you can get motion sick while on a treadmill and trying to watch a tv??) ... I would never hear the sound because I am panting too loud. Plus you can never watch too much of a show if you run for two minutes and keel over with a pseudo heartattack.

P.S. Gyms are intimidating! I feel like I need to be fit before I even walk in the door. I know I would have all eyes on me while I jog on a treadmill for 2 minutes and then recover by walking for 20... especially doing this next to Suzie Q who has managed to read an entire novel while running full speed without breaking a sweat. Sadness. Have you ever wondered why some treadmills have the strings that you clip to yourself connected to an emergency stop mechanism? For people like me. After one has been running for that 45 seconds full speed and then proceed to decrease the level to the lowest setting ... you can trip or fall over. If my panting session hadn't gotten people's attention, falling on a treadmill sure will.

Why not run outside you ask? Well it is cold.. With a person with activity induced asthma - cold air is not the best thing to be running in. And even if I didn't have this condition, I would prefer running on a treadmill for two minutes then being out in frostbite weather. Yep I said it... I would actually prefer running on a treadmill.

So for physical activity this winter, I will resort to dancing to my "dancing with the stars" work out dvd. I have been informed that my dancing resembles nothing of what they are doing on the screen - but I can pretend right? Hey, they tell me that I am doing great and to keep it up.. and thats all that matters! Oh that would be lovely if one day I was doing the rumba and the pretty blonde on the tv stopped dancing and told me to keep my day job. Well for her information ... I don't have a day job.. I have a night one ... and will keep dancing until my neighbors below me complain or I step on a puppy. For those actually watching me work with the dvd? I promise I am not dying.. just dancing.

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Meghan said...

Have you ever thought that your day job should be comedian?! :):)